The Risks of Driving With a Scratched Windshield

Most people think that the worst part about a scratched windshield is that it does not look as good as it did before it was scratched. This is a minor thing and does not constitute as a danger when a person thinks about it. However, it can be annoying to look at a scratched windshield when the rest of the car is in good condition. The scratches in the windshield can be seen easily by those who walk by the car and those who ride in the front seat of the car and this can cause embarrassment and frustration for the vehicle owner. The biggest risk of a scratched windshield is not the embarrassment associated with a scratched windshield, but rather it is the limited visibility […]

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Things to Know Before Your Bike Windshield Purchase

There are many different bike windshields available. The motorcycle windshields look like they would be simply the strait piece of tempered glass used to protect the rider from the bugs and debris that can come up from the road as they travel. However, there are some very elaborate bike windshields on the market that can be used to protect the rider from rain as well as provide a whole new look to the motorcycle bike. These windshields are all custom made and designed in order to fit the bike and the needs of the bike owner. Not only do motorcycles have custom bike windshields, but so to do the dirt bikes and the mountain bikes. Tourist bikes are beginning to carry windshields as well. These windshields […]

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Fixing a Windshield Scratch Yourself

Check out this instructional video. I’d probably advise taking it into a shop, for you DIY-ers out there, there’s some good advice in here:

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Maybe It’s Time to Invest in a Car Windshield Cover…

No matter what time of year it is, the weather can always do damage to the interior and exterior of your car. Whether you live in a climate that is hot all the time or one that subjects your vehicle to a large amount of snow and ice, a car windshield cover might be exactly what you need to keep your windshield in better condition and protect the inside of your car. Made for virtually any model of vehicle and proven to increase the longevity of your windshield and interior, a car windshield cover is an affordable way to fight the elements and keep your windshield in prime condition longer. One major use of a car windshield cover is scorching summer days. No matter what type […]

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How to Install a Bike Windshield

Not much for words, but this guy knows how to do the job right. Great advice here that you can follow when working on your own bike!

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Windshield Washers on a Bike? Yep!

There is a lot that can go wrong with a car’s windshield washer reservoir. If the reservoir breaks or leaks, the driver can have a difficult time clearing the windshield of debris. If the windshield is full of dirt and debris, this will make for a dangerous driving experience. Taking care of the windshield washer reservoir is essential to preventing the reservoir failing and making the daily commute a dangerous activity. This is especially true for vehicles that exist in the cooler climates rather than those that exist in the warm climates. The cold climates often experience ice and snow. These factors cause people to rely upon their windshield washer more frequently than people in warm climates. The ice and snow are bad for visibility, although […]

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Can Scratched Windshields be Repaired?

The scratched windshield will not shatter thanks to the technology used when making the windshield. This technology includes the use of tempered glass and a plastic film on the windshield. This prevents the windshield from shattering but it does cause the glass to “spider web.” Spider webbing occurs when a simple crack spreads and other cracks form from this first scratch. This can greatly reduce visibility and make it very dangerous to drive the vehicle. This can also cause the windshield to potentially break when an object collides with it such as a stone, bug or bird. This can injure the driver and cause an accident. If a scratched windshield is noticed early, the scratch can be repaired quickly, easily and cheaply. Often a simple polymer […]

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The Emerging Bicycle Windshield Trend

Bicycles also have bike windshields. These windshields are used to protect the bike rider from the debris kicked up on the road by other drivers, just like the motorcycle bike windshield. These windshields are often seen on bikes that are used as a person’s primary means of transportation because of the injury that can be caused by a kicked stone. These windshields tend to be made from plastic rather than tempered glass and are almost always detachable. They are always after item products that can be installed onto the bike by the bike owner, rather than something that is purchased with the bike. The bike windshield used on the bicycle can include a rain cover. These rain covers can often be folded away so that they […]

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